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E-mark does not automatically mean legal, so at least not for larger motorcycles. The sound and performance of the exhaust of your Yamaha are not enough? This is mainly due to the diameter, shape and length of the collector. To achieve better sound and more performance, even small changes to the collector may suffice. For this, the entire exhaust does not always have to be replaced directly. For a better look and more sound, simply replace the rear muffler. It`s not only much cheaper than a new sports exhaust, but also super easy to make. The original part must first be disassembled before the new one can be pushed on the pipes and fixed there. You can find the necessary parts and utensils in our shop. If you choose models suitable for the Yamaha TZR 50, you don`t have to worry about the BE. For optimal tuning of the performance of the Yamaha TZR 50, the carburetor must be adjusted correctly. All components, from the engine air filter, from the carburetor to the sports exhaust system, really need to be matched to each other. Only then can the maximum power be extracted from the Yamaha TZR 50.

Do I have less power with the accelerator than before with the original exhaust? Is it correct that I should not remove this thrush under any circumstances? Are there exhaust systems with E-marked and without accelerator? A new exhaust can greatly increase the performance of the Yamaha TZR 50. This depends heavily on the cylinder, but can easily increase performance by 30-40% with the right sports exhaust system. There are simple plug-and-play systems that are particularly quick to install. For others, on the other hand, it may be necessary to tinker with something. It doesn`t always have to be a complete sports exhaust system. There are also exhaust systems that can be installed without problems and provide better sound and more power. However, the performance increase here is usually less than that of a sports exhaust. However, this is also noticeable in the price. In our workshop you can specifically search for different exhaust systems for the TZR 50. Here you will find various sports exhausts, as well as cheaper exhaust systems. It is better to compare them in detail and read the descriptions. Here you will surely find what you are looking for.

There are many ways to change the exhaust of your Yamaha TZR 50. You can either give it a new sports exhaust system or tinker with the original part. Changes in sound and appearance are usually achieved quickly. If you want to maximize performance, you should invest in a sports exhaust system. Unfortunately, I had to realize that the exhaust of my Yamaha TZR 50 has already accumulated a lot of rust. If I put something new, I thought I could take something more sporty. I found exhaust systems, which have an E mark, and are therefore legal. However, they all have an accelerator in the collector.

— Increased performance by 5 to 10%, depending on the mounting condition of the motorcycle and any other accessories.- Low weight- Small external dimensions- With E-mark for the road. — Complete exhaust system with special hydroformed front tube.- Spring mounts are also very vibration resistant- Perfect deep bass sound- DB Killer easily removable (only held with springs, so can not get lost, etc.) — Stainless steel adapter of manifold and exhaust system.- Turbo kit manufacturer with many years of experience in racing world- High quality exhaust product. Take the original. Probably the cheapest thing for you, and so you get rid of the thing again when your lawn mower times are over Write the first review for this article and help others make a purchase decision!: The Yamaha TZR 50 is already an excellent moped ex factory. It`s easy and lively to drive and a lot of fun. Nevertheless, much more can be extracted from this moped. How about a more robust sound or some visual reflections? If you want to have a little more power at the same time, you should play with the idea of installing a new moped exhaust on your Yamaha.