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The application for a work certificate must be submitted by the parents, guardians or legal guardians of the minor for whom such a work certificate or transferable work permit is requested. 43 P.S. § 51. In order to obtain a certificate of employment, the minor may be required to undergo a physical examination and obtain a certificate of physical fitness. 43 P.S. § 55. Q: What are the steps to complete a work permit application? A: First, an applicant`s parent or guardian must sign the application. Instead of a signature, the applicant may make a statement before a notary confirming the accuracy of the facts stated in the application. The declaration must be made on a form required by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The declaration shall then be annexed to the application. No parental signature is required if the applicant can provide official proof of high school diploma. The issuing agent then ensures that all legally required documents have been reviewed, approved and submitted, and that all conditions and requirements for obtaining a licence are met.

The work permit is signed by the minor in the presence of the issuing official. The work permit bears a number, the date of issue and the signature of the issuing official. Q: Given that an issuing agent is also considered a law enforcement officer under the Child Labour Act, what are their responsibilities? A: If a law enforcement officer has reason to believe that a person working without authorization is a minor or that a minor with a work permit violates the age restrictions of the Pennsylvania Child Labor Act, the officer may require that the person who employs the person within ten days: (1) provide proof of age to the officer; or (2) cease employment or let the person work. In all cases, the issuing agent must notify a representative of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry of the alleged violation. These provisions ensure that Pennsylvania employers cannot legally refuse to hire or process candidates or employees based on the listed characteristics. Minors who have graduated from high school or are exempt from attendance under the Pennsylvania Code of Public Schools are not subject to the time of work or working time restrictions of the law. In addition, high school graduates do not need a parent`s or guardian`s signature on the work permit application, provided the minor provides official proof of such a diploma. Q: I am a minor and live in Pennsylvania, where can I get a work permit? A: Each school district is responsible for issuing work permits to all minors residing in the district, including those attending non-public schools, chartered e-schools, or participating in a homeschooling program. Contact your school district to find out which building you should go to and what time the issuing agent is available. Q: What are an employer`s obligations if a minor has a work permit? A: To be employed, a minor must have a work permit. For persons under 16 years of age, the employer must obtain a written declaration from the parents or legal guardian of the minor confirming that he understands the duties and hours of work and issues the work permit in accordance with the provisions of article 4904 of 18 PA.C.S.

(concerning false sworn to the authorities). The employer must keep a copy of the work permit, the original of the verified permit declaration and a copy of the letter sent to the issuing official announcing the minor`s employment. The employer must inform the issuing official in writing of the employment of a minor within five days of the commencement of employment, indicating the normal duties and periods of employment, as well as the age and authorization number of the minor. In the event of dismissal of a minor, the employer must inform the issuing official within five days of the last day of employment that the minor is no longer employed by the employer. Q: Does a student need a work permit to work on a farm? A: No. The Child Labour Act states: «This law does not apply to children who are employed on farms or in domestic work in private households.» With the exception of seasonal agricultural work, the Child Labour Act does not apply to agricultural work and agricultural work in kindergartens (employment outside the retail trade). Students who work as seasonal workers in agriculture fall under the Child Labour Act and must obtain a work permit. Q: I am a miner and I live in Pennsylvania; However, I graduated from high school. Do I need a work permit? A: Yes, under Pennsylvania`s new child labor law, a minor with a high school diploma must obtain a work permit from the school district where the employer is located or the college or trade school they attend. This requirement applies to all such minors, including those attending colleges, universities, trade schools, or anyone else seeking employment who is looking for work and does not have a valid work permit in Pennsylvania. High school graduates who have a work permit are exempt from the working time restriction for minors aged 16 and over. They also do not need to have a signature from their parents or guardians on the work permit application, as long as they provide official proof of this diploma.

Although all minors who work between the ages of 14 and 17 are affected, child labor laws in Pennsylvania generally distinguish between younger and older teens. While any minor of legal working age can find employment in suitable roles in places such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and sporting events, the Child Labor Act restricts access to certain occupations until the applicant for minor work reaches the age of 16. Under state labor laws, acceptable jobs for 16-year-olds include positions such as park ranger, cook, and lifeguard. Other jobs suitable for youth in Pennsylvania include non-hazardous work in bowling alleys, golf courses, retirement homes, ski resorts, and similar types of facilities, provided the sale and consumption of alcohol takes place in designated areas for employees 21 years of age and older. For most of the above professions, the Pennsylvania Administrative Code provides even more specific details about what minors can and cannot do. Q: I am a minor and live outside of Pennsylvania, where can I get a work permit? A: Each school district is responsible for issuing work permits to all minors who reside outside of Pennsylvania but work for an employer in the state. The school district where the workplace is located is responsible for issuing the work permit. Contact the prospective employer for the name, address and contact information of the issuing agent in their particular school district. There are no state or federal laws that would require Pennsylvania employers to offer meal breaks or rest periods during work hours.

Pennsylvania`s labor law protects working children and provides them with the convenience of reasonable hours to balance work and school life and prepare them for a better future. Minors do not need an age certificate, but Pennsylvania state law requires them to have a child labor certificate. Approval is required until the age of majority at age 18 and can usually be obtained at the child`s school. Children under the age of 16 should also have a statement from their parents or guardians granting them permission to work and acknowledging that they understand homework and hours of work. Clockify is not responsible for any loss or risk arising from the use of this guide without further legal or tax advice.